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Anney and the Dinosaurs

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Anney and the Dinosaurs is the brain child of Bob Gelley and Ken Doles, two men who came of age in the rocking 70’s. 
Mid-Life Crisis is a collection of songs both reminiscent and reflective of the sounds from that golden era.

Featuring 12-string guitar jangle, haunting slide work, swamp soaked guitar and 70's jams, this collection of eclectic songs takes the listener through a variety of classic sounding musical styles.

The Dinosaurs set out to give this project an analog vibe and the instruments, tones, and general feel will take the listener back to a time when music wasn’t as over produced and polished.

While the songs may have a 70's vibe, the lyrics sung by the band’s singer Anney Jeandrevin, take a look at many of today’s relevant issues.

Please give the disc a spin and if you like it please tell others. 
If possible, the Dinosaurs recommend playing the CD through a good set of speakers with full bass and treble at a volume that scares the neighbors.

Won't you let the music set you free?

Preview our tracks, and
Get your copy now!


Anney Jeandrevin began enjoying music at a young age. As a little girl she fantasized about becoming either a rock star or a princess; however, at the age of five she picked up piano and hoped her fantasy might become a reality. At age 9 Anney began voice lessons and in the years that followed picked up other instruments. By then it became obvious to Anney that becoming a musician was not as much a choice as it was a destiny.
Even though life provided other options, her love of music was always in the background. This passion for music has led Anney to travel and sing both in the USA and abroad. The formation of Anney and the Dinosaurs is another chapter in her singing career.

Ken Doles grew up in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. He purchased his first guitar at age ten, and in 7th grade met fellow Dinosaur Bob - forming his first real Rock N Roll band. In the early eighties Ken and Bob formed another band whose music amplified the themes of the time. When that project disbanded Ken spent the next 25 years in a
Christian Rock band.
In a weird twist of fate, Ken again hooked up with Bob years later at a high school reunion. Bob who now builds guitars, and Ken who had began building tube guitar amps, began a new musical endeavor selling their instruments together.
This led to jam sessions between the two men which ultimately resulted in their debut album aptly titled: “Mid-Life Crisis.”
The boys who met in their early teens may now be dinosaurs, but their music will take you back - back to a time when life was simpler and responsibilities were minimal.

Like Ken, Bob Gelley also grew up in a suburban neighborhood just east of Cleveland, Ohio in the 1970’s. Bob got his first set of Ludwig Standard drums in elementary school and focused on percussion through Junior high. In high school Bob found himself bored with drums, picked up his first guitar and never looked back.
Bob would spend the next years of his life playing at parties and jamming with other musicians while scoring many unreleased songs.
Bob, who is now part owner of Tremcaster Guitars brings his love of classic 60’s and 70’s records to the musical flavor heard on Anney and the Dinosaur’s debut album.

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