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Tremcaster Custom Vintage Guitars


We are proud to use Fralin Pickups on our Tremcaster guitars.


Our luthier, John Mosconi:

Check out our YouTube Videos:

YouTube video of the Tremcaster SSH Guitar

Tremcaster SSH Guitar and the 
DoleSonic Vintage 108 Amplifier

Tremcaster Dual Ninety Guitar and DoleSonic Big 12 Inch Amplifier Video on YouTube

Tremcaster Dual Ninety Guitar
and the Dolesonic Big 12 Inch

Tremcaster Dual Ninety Guitar and DoleSonic Big 12 Inch Amplifier Video on YouTube

Blind Lemon Phillips Live, doing the Song "Hard Way", featuring one of Tremcaster's Custom Dual 90 Guitars

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Vintage Guitar Magazine, Tremcaster SSH

Vintage Guitar Magazine, Tremcaster Dual 90

Vintage Guitar Magazine, DoleSonic Vintage 108

Vintage Guitar Magazine, Tremcaster Single 90

Vintage Guitar Magazine, DoleSonic Half Back Stack


Our Customer Reviews:

John and Bob,

This guitar will make me a better player!! Thank You so much for the ultra-quality and craftsmanship, it plays so easy!! I love the neck, I love everything, the range of tone, the sustain, everything about this guitar is Awesome!! The gloss of the finishes is Blue Ribbon, I can go on and on. Since I’ve gotten home and unpacked it, I haven’t put it down...I can’t, just long enough to contact you guys. A lot of thought has gone into the body design, I can tell, it’s comfortable to play even sitting down.

I got a problem guys!! What do I do with the other electrics?

Thank You!!!

Beautiful guitar! I love the tone I can tell you this, I am retiring my other guitar ! Just the feel and what sound I got was such a big difference like goin from a VW to a Mercedes! Thank you for making the dots for the frets bigger that helped out a lot . I love the finish, the color, and the neck is really comfortable. It does not feel like a new guitar it feels like I've been playing it for years ! Like putting on my favorite shirt , it's so comfy it just feels like it was made just for me and nobody else! It's an awesome guitar it fits me!

Thank you!
John K


I'm digging the guitar - plays and sounds great. I'll give you a report again when I crank it up with the band.

I'm a happy customer :)

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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Tremcaster SSH

Tremcaster SSH & #7PT Custom

DoleSonic Big 12 Inch Amplifier

Tremcaster Dual Ninety

DoleSonic Vintage 108


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