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Tremcaster Custom Vintage GuitarsOur company was founded by one of the finest luthiers in northern Ohio, John Mosconi; along with two guitarists, Robert Gelley and Jeff Russell. Our common link is an affinity and love for electric guitars, classic amps and cool effects boxes.

How and Why did we do it?
We set goals for ourselves and our company, and worked tirelessly to achieve them. We tried different necks, modified our body style, listened to different pickups, experimented with different tremolos. We listened carefully to the feedback from others. In the end, Tremcaster is the result of three hard-working guys that wanted to share our dream with others.

In 2011 we added an exciting line of hand-wired Class A tube amplifiers built by friend and fellow musician, Ken Doles.

In 2012 we added the DoleSonic Woody Series Half Back Stack Amplifiers and Custom Built Speaker Cabinets.

In 2013 we added the Tremcaster Single Ninety Guitar.


tremcaster sss tremcaster dual ninety tremcaster ssh tremcaster ssh tremcaster dual ninety tremcaster ssh and sss tremcaster ssh tremcaster sss dolesonic amps dual ninety yellow dual ninety lefty dolesonic half back dolesonic custom speaker

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